Normal routine backups are necessary for users who maintain a high degree of PC usage for a variety of tasks ranging from the simply domestic to significant financial information. It is one thing to have that data stolen, which could not have been easy for the thief/hacker, and another to simply have to scrape it off a fried hard drive.

Computer drives may crash under heavy usage. They may also become unusable over time since and due to the increase number of times that data is written to and wiped from the disk. The result of a crashed drive is basically that it becomes inaccessible and the operating system cannot access the drive when command files are saved. Windows 7 is available with in-built Backup and Restore utility that allows users to easily setup backups using the familiar native interface.

Outlook data can be lost when Outlook download reports a bug and crashes. This is not often the case, yet users still prefer to backup their Outlook mail and schedules so that this information is available even when web mail archives old mails. Email Outlook saves all files sent and received in the .PST extension. You can access these files elsewhere only if you have a Microsoft Exchange server or Windows Live Hotmail account.


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